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brain tumor symptoms I'm part of a very large team of physicians and surgeons and scientists who are all dedicated to taking the best care possible of printer patients with any disease that affects the brain tumor symptoms but there's a tumor or stroke or anything else the sentence depends upon where in the brain tumors located are their certain reasons and the brain where a tumor can grow quite large because it's not serving a function that you would notice on a day to day basis so it might take a while before you start to notice personality changes may be some lapses in memory in contrast if you have a tremendous impact team and there is a green tech control strength or coordination then you would notice that immediately of course so how a patient comes to medical attention largely depends upon one wears a tumor but also to how large is the tumor and last but not At least how fast or slowly difficult to beat out some nice. But in terms of the diagnosis that can sometimes be a challenge when you go to your family doctor or your general doctor you might just be presenting with headache center, a person coming with miles and stuff like that rarely has a brain tumor but it's when the symptoms are relentless a person off or get a standout and a lot of a diagnosis is based upon how the tumor or the mass looks

on the MRI or CT and we have a pretty good idea just by looking at those initial pictures as to what the truth is going to turn out to be once this kind of stuff and we almost always have to get a lease a piece of that too much to look 10 under the microscope in an ideal situation that we'd like to take out as much to tumors possible by way of surgery but if the tumor is located in a very difficult to access location we would do a biopsy and stuff. The treatment for patients with brain tumors really does require a team effort the first and foremost we really count on your wrist surgery colleagues to do the operation get the biopsy because this is the first and most important step in not only keeping the diagnosis but if the patients having tremendous sometimes we can actually decompress the brain then what's the patient's recuperated the treatments fall into 2 categories one is radiation-based and the other is chemotherapy based and very often will actually use the 2 in combination one helps the other 2 which job better that which treatment we choose for an individual patients depend upon their diagnosis but also this is their new diagnosis or is that too much that they have had before that's grown back despite frontline treatment for a new diagnosis patient we would almost always use radiation often combined with some therapy unfortunately these tumors often tend to come back so we have many clinical trials as well as nontrial therapy so we use mostly chemotherapy based to try to lose weight fast 

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Health tips for brain tumor symptoms

attack to tourists from a different angle than was used before the prior treatments what's exciting about the field of cancer in general but especially in terms of brain tumors is that we're taking deeper and deeper but instead of just looking at the tumor under the microscope in making a diagnosis that way into formulating a treatment plan based on that diagnosis we're now delving into the genetic level that is looking at the DNA and wondering what makes this brain tumor of this one individual patient different from another patient's tumor that way we can actually get to a stage of actually customizing treatments such that one size does not fit all if you're going to a department store to get a new suit you're not just buy something off the rack and altered you're gonna need some adjustments and what we would like to be doing the very near future it's more of a customized tailored based approach treatment the van some of us more off the rack I don't The best way to do that, of course, is the veterans. And the tumor and what's exciting is that what we're learning about tumors it's so much more now than it even said 10 years ago here in North America and across the world

Health tips for brain tumor symptoms

there are many fantastic institutions that you can go to. Mail what distinguishes us I think it really is the people we have an attitude here but it's not encountered really anywhere else by that I mean this very the simple mission statement that the needs of the patients always come first it's very simple it's easy to remember it keeps our eye on the ball and what impresses me most about here much Ross me and to hear and keeps me here is that it's not just the physicians and scientists that permeates everybody that works here and so if you're having a bad day because your P. spot doing well are always those around you who motivate you to keep up a step up from that get back in the clinic room and do the best you can for the patients I would say it really is this can to attitude why did I choose dairy brain tumors is my specialty well first of all it's very hard for a team to see patients afflicted with neurologic disorders but I think even more so when the tumor starts to we just need a way to be patient basically little by little and you want to do something that's going to help these patients in need the best way to do that is to be educated in the clinical aspect but also the science and as a person working at the mail I have the opportunity to privilege to bring forward from the scientific developments

that is going on here and across the world and actually translate them into something that's meaningful to patients and families at the bedside what 10 systems me and keeps me in this profession well these patients who are in their greatest time of need they had their families it really is amazing how they shine they are the ones who inspire us to do a better job they give us strength and as I said no matter how much the tumor may eat away the patient's physical functions I'm always amazed at how they are human spirit remains untouched in fact if anything it gets stronger so to be around wonderful people like that it did make. To. It means to be inspired to strive for better things better things for patients better tomorrow for patients and families a lot of people wonder what's it going to be like if you come to Mayo Clinic for good another good institution I will tell you what many patients and their families tell me and my colleagues here they come here somewhat the Wilder it's a large place lot of corridors from easy to get lost forcing somebody will always get you to the right spot but we have a team and I think when patients come here the sense that there's not only one doctor but there's a huge team of doctors and scientists who are in their corner and that they get a sense that they're not alone now we have many many smart physicians and scientists here and across the country but what patients need they're in the clinic room is a sense that they belong here sense that we are in their corner we will be there doctors and scientists but also the best cheerleaders I think that support this publicly but we will provide fast unlike some other places. read more 

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