When is blood pressure high enough to go to the hospital

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When is blood pressure high enough to go to the hospital

When is blood pressure high enough to go to the hospital Do you have high blood pressure or do take many pills for it now the question is would you want to control it without medication in this we will discuss the treatment of When is blood pressure high enough to go to the hospital even without medication and if you follow this advice you may never need to take medication or possibly even get off some of your pills. When is blood pressure high enough to go to the hospital No 76.4000000 Americans over the age of 20 years have hypertension that roughly comes to around 30 percent of the population only half of those being treated having control and as many as 8 percent have undiagnosed hypertension. But you would agree that hypertension is a common disease but it is very very dangerous it can lead to heart disease strokes and even vision loss now would you want to bring it under control naturally. Now it may not be easy but it works and if anyone tells you that there is a magic formula that is incorrect like with everything in life if it is too good to be true it most certainly is not. But by following these basic guidelines you can make a monumental improvement in your health and your quality of life in general.

Now you need to have some goals in mind. Either lower your blood pressure and keep yourself from getting high blood pressure in the first place. Or reduce your need for blood pressure medicines and thus not take any blood pressure medicine at all. Or make medicines for high blood pressure work better for you or just lower the chances of a heart attack stroke or developing kidney failure. The guys the purpose of these videos is basically for the public to know about high blood pressure and what happens ever so often that the physician may not have enough time to go into details of your health issue as everyone everywhere is facing some sort of a time crunch. But still, our health should be our primary concern and through these videos, I want to keep the dialogue going and for people to share their experiences for all of us to learn more about ourselves and then we learn and understand the act better and take care of ourselves. That's the basic idea. The knowledge of good practice always leads to improvement it's about controlling high blood pressure this is all to do with improving the way you live. Let's start with salt restriction numerous studies have shown that reducing salt or sodium in your diet can decrease your blood pressure. how to lower blood pressure

How to keep the sodium intake to less than 3 grams per day or even less. Always keep looking add those labels on those boxes and all these check bear story levels. The most important thing that you can do to cut down on sodium is to eat less processed food. That means that you should avoid most schools that are sold in cans boxes. Jars etcetera and prevent the issues if you already happened to have heart failure. What happens if your heart disease goes crazy. No weight control is next losing weight is sold portend bad it is independently associated with lower blood pressure and even if you don't exercise and lose your weight by controlling your diet it still helps. Combined with salt restriction this could have a huge impact on our blood pressure readings. Now theoretically. When is blood pressure high enough to go to the hospital For every one millimeter of mercury decrease in blood pressure, you get one pal lost. No that could translate into much better control of all of your blood pressure 51015 or even 20 pounds lower blood pressure and along with that you will feel much much better and lighter and get rid of your pills. Symptoms of heart disease

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When is blood pressure high enough to go to the hospital

Now for your waist keep watching it and control it. Sorry that's shown but just having some extra inches can put you in a lot of trouble having a flat belly is always good but deported in number is 4 men greater than 40 inches is a risk factor and for ladies, more than 35 inches guess you risk the factor for high blood pressure but keep it well under control who knows what studies will show tomorrow anyways. Nexus exercise Hey Robert exercise and possibly resistance training can decrease your blood pressure and this is regardless of any weight loss that comes with it 3 or 4 sessions per week of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise going for approximately 40 minutes and if you could do that for 3 months you will find results. Let's give it a try and if you want to be active you don't have to go to the gym it is possible to increase your activity level while doing everyday things that you do enjoy. Gardening dancing walking is just a few things that you might cry about.

Now next is the bass that died was standing for dietary approaches to stop hypertension. The - diet is high in fruits whole grains vegetables low-fat dairy products poultry fish nuts and it is low in sugar-sweetened beverages and sweets in general and they also avoid red meats the - diet is rich in electrolytes such as calcium magnesium and potassium also it's high in protein and fiber but it's low in generally harmful ingredients such as saturated fat and cholesterol the combined the bass died your pattern but sort of restriction, you will have an additive effect no peer pressure may help to join groups, where you can talk about your problems, can help members can serve as sources of positive reinforcement occurs also provide helpful tips for your circumstances and guide you an exercise program and help to try new and healthy dietary options so you can keep the discussion going at your own pace and with a company that you enjoy now next you gonna cut down on alcohol intake. The more you drink the higher your risk for hypertension.

A woman who consumes more than one alcoholic beverage per day and men who have more than 2 drinks per day are at a much higher risk of hypertension than nondrinkers know decreasing alcohol intake When is blood pressure high enough to go to the hospital. But having said this some people are great at making up their mind and then sticking to it com whatever I but most of us are not like that so we have to take small steps and constantly work on making everyday work for us in reaching our goals. The key to improving our habits and lifestyles is to start low and go slow choose a single small specific aspect to our doctor keep doing it until it becomes a habit. Let's say for example that you would like to work on your diet, if you're the type of person who eats pizza and French fries all the time don't try to get rid of it all at once when people try to make big changes and sudden changes like that they cannot maintain it then they feel frustrated on the failure so instead of a sudden change in everything in your diet all from day one work on one or 2 small things about your diet and give yourself time to get used to those changes, for example, keep the pizza but do away with the French fries or cut your portions in half while eating the same things and supplement where the hell the alternative. 

Keep on working on it and day by day you will notice yourself eating healthier and feeling much better you will begin to trim down your waist and realize that this works. This is learning the skills and you will explore yourself and your name is that what the free with the puck you can never achieve but will not only achieve it but also love your new self. Slow and steady will win that race right here. So now the take-home message is reduced salt. Become more active drink fewer alcohol lots of fruits vegetables whole grains lentils chickpeas some nuts almonds peanuts low-fat milk or fat-free milk makes portions or for meals. Yeah my friends I feel that it is achievable and not for only ourselves but our families and our loved ones.

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When is blood pressure high enough to go to the hospital

all across the news this week who should be diagnosed with high blood pressure for half of all adults redefining the danger zone plus it's a medical issue that affects one in 3 individuals at least here in the states that topic is hypertension before we start talking about what hypertension is let's talk a little basic anatomy the human body has a human heart the human heart has 2 ventricles the left ventricle is the strongest venture coal and that part of the heart squeezes and pumps blood to the rest of the body does so through blood vessels called arteries that take blood and allow it to travel away from the heart the way we memorize at a medical school is 8 away from the heart 8 for artery when you measure blood pressure all you're doing is you're measuring the pressure that's on the arterials walls and they're really 3 major factors that play a role in this pressure number one is cardiac output which is how much blood your heart pumps out with each beat number 2 is blood volume and number 3 is that resistance your heart has to pump again normally when you visit a doctor's office or a hospital and you have a health professionals measure your blood pressure you see the music called backup has a name it's called the speaking moment Ahman her as a mouthful

I understand so we tend to use the term blood pressure cuff the way the blood pressure cuff works is by constricting the arteries within your arm and while the doctor or other health professionals listening at the brachial artery you hear that first sound of blood rushing to the artery that's known as the systolic blood pressure which is measured in millimeters of mercury and then when that sound disappears that's known as a diastolic pressure sometimes you see the numbers written as a fraction the top number is the systolic number and the bottom number is the diastolic number the top number is also known as the systolic blood pressure is the pressure during maximal contraction of your heart and the diastolic or bottom number is when your heart 's completely relaxed well that sounds. Like taking blood pressure is a fairly simple process there's a lot that can go wrong there's a lot of room for error the blood pressure cuff is too small if the blood pressure cuff is used over clothing if the patient hasn't rested for at least 5 minutes if the arms back her feet are unsupported if the patients an emotional state if the patient is talking if the patient just had a cigarette if the patient just drink a Cup of coffee or had some alcohol if the patient is cold if the patient has a full bladder and need to use the bathroom all those things can throw off the blood pressure and make it look like your patient has high blood pressure 

when they don't because there are so many external factors that influence a person's blood pressure we don't get the diagnosis of hypertension until we have to elevated readings from 2 separate visits let's do a little hypothetical here you or even your family member is diagnosed with hypertension what does that mean what are you at risk for doctors make a reality the big deal about hypertension so let's talk about it hypertension damages the blood vessels throughout your entire body starting from your brain to your eyes tear longs to your heart your kidneys and even to your if you have a that is normally I don't like to be the doctor that's all doom and gloom but it's really important to say that having hypertension significantly raises your risk of having a heart attack stroke heart disease and kidney disease this is precisely why hypertension is known as the silent killer because you don't have symptoms until you already have some serious complications having your blood pressure well-controlled decreases the risk of dying by 25 percent and it lowers your risk of having a heart attack and stroke by 30 percent now you want to treat your hypertension bad you're not necessarily keen on going the pharmacologic approach right away there are lifestyle changes you can make in order to lower your blood pressure naturally in fact 90 percent of hybrid. The engine is caused by poor

diet lack of exercise and other bad habits so if you're not exercising you should be doing moderate-intensity exercise for 30 minutes on most days of the week next comes diet probably the most important thing that you can do to alter your blood pressure the - diet which is a specific diet which I'll link down below is 1 that's been proven to lower your blood pressure by 11 points 1 of the highest successes we've seen for a diet the 2 bad habits that have been proven to elevate your blood pressure is heavy alcohol consumption and smoking when we say heavy alcohol consumption what we need is more than 2 drinks per day per week for a man and more than 1 drink per day per week for a woman when we speak about smoking we're actually talking about smoking in any amount so do not be a smoker and you not be a heavy drinker if you don't want your blood pressure elevated now these lifestyle modifications to lower your blood pressure worked exceptionally well to prevent you from getting hypertension in the first place so I always like to think in terms of prevention rather than cure is so follies habits live a healthy lifestyle and don't develop high blood pressure now let's get into the numbers of the matter and talk about some of these new guidelines are making a splash in the headlines across the news before we had these cut-offs where we diagnosed people with either having normal blood pressure  or we called stage

When is blood pressure high enough to go to the hospital

1 hypertension or stage 2 and now those cut-offs have completely changed now normal blood pressure is less than 120 over 80 at an elevated blood pressure is 120 200 29 over 80 at that point we should recommend healthy lifestyle changes and check it every 3 to 6 months stage 1 high blood pressure is now 130 to 100 39 over 8289 which used to fall into the prehypertension range that's a major change. And within these new guidelines basically what we do is we plug in some of your statistics into a calculator and what it does is spits out a risk or percentage of you having a heart attack or stroke within the next 10 years if you have less than 10 percent risk we have to stress the lifestyle changes and again reassess in 3 to 6 months now if your blood pressure is over 140 over 90 that's considered stage 2 high blood pressure at this point we can start to consider the pharmacologic approach in addition to lifestyle changes to get your blood pressure to the normal values now under these new guidelines approximately 30000000 more people in the United States will be defined as having hypertension and while that sounds like a dream for pharmaceutical companies it's not a party for them just yet the reason being is that these 30000000 people 

will be defined as having hypertension but only about 4000000 out of those 30000000 people will actually need pharmaceuticals to keep their blood pressure in check there are few things these guidelines do really well the best research done in the last 2 decades proves that controlling blood pressure to a tighter limit of 120 over 80 actually yields better results and allows people to live longer and avoid heart attacks and strokes number 2 there's a strong emphasis placed on measuring blood pressure in the correct manner and number 3 they put a great deal of focus on lifestyle changes this is something I preach everywhere I go and with every patient ID it's much better to prevent this problem then to take a pill once it's already there in the medical community we know we don't treat hypertension well there's a couple reasons for that number 1 patients don't often come in for screenings unless there's already a problem and we don't catch hypertension when we should and number 2 is what we actually do catch hypertension and we've tried lifestyle factors they haven't worked we prescribe a medicine and oftentimes patients are reluctant to take there may. A sense here's the thing if a doctor recommends medication. I'm not saying you have to take it what I'm saying is if you tell your doctor you gonna take it. Read more

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