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Types of liver cirrhosis

Liver disease with major scarring

Cirrhosis is a condition that is a consequence of chronic in which the healthy liver cells become replaced by fibrotic tissue scarring even only small islands of regenerated and plastic tissue as a result in the liver is no longer able to carry out its functions properly the courses include chronic viral hepatitis alcohol use and the damage is exponentially increased in people who are viral hepatitis at the same time there are metabolic courses such as nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis hemochromatosis Wilson's disease and alpha one antitrypsin deficiency. You can also have drug-induced cirrhosis compounds such as better tracks it not only directly from itself but also because it enhances damage from other drugs and viral causes, chronic autoimmune hepatitis is another course such as primary biliary cirrhosis which is almost only seen in middle-aged women or secondly biliary cirrhosis associated with primary sclerosing cholangitis so what happens in cirrhosis this is a normal sinusoid in the letter which is a specialized form of competitors and you see why that's important in a minute the impact the sides of the liver a separated from the sinusoids by space known as the space of peace we have politics that it sells I found the cells crucial in cirrhosis pathophysiology because they are involved in Scott's summation in response to limit the damage. black spots 

Couple sells our type of specialized macrophage phagocytic and scavenger activity and these are found in the science of venous blood from the portal system mixes with arterial blood from the hepatic artery in the side so it and then flows through into a central bank and the central plains collect together in hepatic veins which take blood into the inferior vena cave just for completeness the green you see on the top is bile produced by hepatocytes flowing into the billions system so regardless of what causes the damage the end result is very similar with only the pattern of fibrosis changing initially there is an insult that leads to information and formation of Scott as we mentioned coming from hepatic stellate cells the fibrosis pushes against the sinusoid and leads to an increase in the resistance to the flow of blood the remaining healthy path to sites they proliferate and end up taking the shape of no jewels which end up squeezing the portal vein branches within the liver leading to portal hypertension the second change is what's known as computerization of the liver sinusoids which as we said a specialized computer routes that they live sinusoidal endothelial cells a different from vascular compared to reach and steel cells because under normal circumstances they feature finished rations How to fix a hiatal hernia yourself blood pressure

Liver disease with major scarring

Liver cirrhosis stages death

I do not have a basement membrane computerization means that they undergo differentiation and become the vascular type of entity with a basement membrane as well as using best industry shifts this makes it harder to have the bi-directional exchange with the hypothesized that normally occurs and overall this leads to lower compliance of the sinusoid meaning an increased resistance to blood flow and so contributes to portal hypertension is when the blood pressure in the portal vein is higher than normal its usual values are between 5 and 10 me. Meats of mercury the portal system refers to the portal vein which drains into the liver and the main vessels that link to the portal vein of the superior mesenteric vein which comes from the small intestines the splenic vein which of course cars but from the spleen also the gastric bands that connect on to the portal paint, the inferior mesenteric vein connects owns the splenic vein and carries blood from the large intestine so if the pressure is higher than usual blood essentially bok plugs into these pains and ends up forming viruses in some cases opening up previously close puppy food

connections such as the roundly, and which is a plus rated a bit cold vein hepatic veins bring blood into the inferior vena cava the clinical features comparing initially liver damage is reversible but cirrhosis itself is it reversible and maybe initially asymptomatic then with disease progression patients may help the teak or pruritus which is itching due to the buildup of bile acid and release of endogenous opioids they may have jaundice or a team which may be peripheral but we may also of course tease kind of combustible be seen emails as the liver plays a role in balancing testosterone and estrogen levels by sex hormone-binding globulin production Palmer erythema occurs for similar reasons as well as nitric oxide release you may also see spied nearby a type of telling to taste is winning school compared Rees earned caplet medusa which is the standard superficial epigastric pains that radiate from the umbilicus apart just be to make it may also be seen patients can also present directly with complications either of portal hypertension such as rupture of the Pharisees which can lead to catastrophic bleeding all due to a decrease in the liver function they may present with hepatic encephalopathy the complications of a society's include conditions like spontaneous backed. peritonitis on his part to renal syndrome another potential complication of cirrhosis is had packed a sailor 

Liver disease with major scarring

costume liver biopsy is the gold standard for diagnosing cirrhosis but is not needed if the clinical manifestations lop findings and imaging suggests cirrhosis the lab tests include platelet counts I mean a trans phrase alkaline phosphatase gamma-glutamyl transferase. Rubin album in reading times as well as looking for viral hepatitis serology ferritin and copper levels may also be checked for hemochromatosis Wilson's disease suspicions of course alpha one antitrypsin apples may also be taking ultrasound is useful in the evaluation of cirrhosis because it can evaluate the port system but also fibro scan is a device based on ultrasound that evaluates liver stiffness by sending a post through the live the bonnet Cheney school is a predictive tool that uses platelet count I mean a transfer is a ratio and I am not to give a cirrhosis probability liver cirrhosis itself is reversible but there are some options some treatments aim to prevent further progression in patients with hepatitis B. and it could be tenofovir may be given hepatitis. can now be treated with drugs like that class severe patients with cirrhosis due to alcohol should abstain from alcohol well known alcoholic steatohepatitis related cirrhosis need patients to control weight and hemochromatosis needs I am collation liver disease

transplantation is an option for some patients but given the strict criteria, a lot of patients with cirrhosis will not be eligible the complications need specific treatments to prevent bleeding patients may be given medications such as beta-blockers nitrates unveils pricing on looks like Terry precedent as well as surgical treatments like a virus you like action if they do beat hepatic encephalopathy is reduced by giving lectures. This animus and party biotic such as and Buncombe license in an attempt to reduce the urea produced by microbes but the efficacy is debatable I psyches will also need to be treated both to prevent complications as well as symptomatic relief for the patient this includes salt restriction in the diet on the use of diuretics as well as partisan read more 

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