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Temporary black spot in vision

Why do I see black spots

7 different reasons why you could be seeing the and knowing some of these reasons could stop you from going blind so let's take a look. Welcome back here from the doctor I held the Tel help through the eyes vision and finding the best vision products here. we'll see a few vision product reviews about glasses and contact lenses as well as just like this one so if you hear the because it that also feels free to any time to check out the show notes and links below for additional information and resources about anything that we mentioned today any time you're experiencing spots in your vision it can be very frightening especially if you're not really sure what's going on if this is kind of a new situation for you and you're just worried that you could be potentially going blind yeah it can be really frightening and based on my knowledge and experience one issue with you 7 reasons you could be developing eye floaters or seeing spots in your vision hiatal hernia

toward the bottom of the list at number 7 is actually dust yeah the dust in the air that's floating around you can actually land on your ocular surface and based on home waste your eyes actually are you could actually, just see kind of the shadow of dust stuck on the surface of your eye I personally actually see this more often when I'm wearing contact lenses I don't know what you guys think if you're a contact lens wear and you actually see dust or something stuck in your I go ahead and comment section below let me know if you're having that problem it kind of looks like fiber or something like that just drifting right back and forth and as you blink you can actually see it kind of move a little bit and I know I had dust come out because of actually taking the contact lens off and looked underneath the microscope and I've actually been able to see the little outline of the exact piece of dust that I've seen the good thing is we do have just dust on the I just blinking several times usually takes care of it or you can use some sort of an artificial tear or lubrication drop that'll help flush it out of the 

coming in at number 6 are actually sunspots or after images from staring at some sort of a light source a lot of times this happens indoors you staring at lamps or looking at some sort of digital device maybe like a little LED light flickering off to the side if you stare at it too long and then look off to the side. You can see the whole afterimage and it certainly this can happen with things like the sun hopefully you're not staring at the sun don't do that but you can have these little after images and that's really just the photoreceptor cells in the retina that have been bleached out and it takes a few minutes or just a couple of seconds for those to come to regenerate and what's the photoreceptor cells regenerate then you're seeing just fine and that's why it takes a little bit for that to kind of go away however if you do steer to light source particularly to really powerful light sources like the sun then you could potentially cause photochemical damage to the eye itself and that means you could develop like a burn hole in the right now and then you could be seeing spots in your vision permanently so yeah don't do that know what I would consider being the fifth a most common cause of having these floaters or spots in your vision or from something called a U. V. itis if you never heard of a U. V.

Black spots in vision look like bugs

there are different types of UV I decision anterior-posterior U. V. justice pan U. V. it is intermediate UV itis basically, it's an inflammation and side of the ice and it was white blood cells actually infiltrate and have a presence inside of the eye itself and yeah they're not supposed to be there thankfully we don't see really bad U. V. itis to commonly in the clinic however, it seems, in general, I am seeing more of it these days symptoms any UV artists include a red pain are you're very sensitive to light and oftentimes vision is blurry and you'll see kind of these spots floating around in your vision oftentimes the spots are just those white blood cells that are flowing back and forth but usually it does have to be pretty extreme UV light is for you to be seeing these types of floating spots in your vision another downside you be itis is that often occurs due to some type of autoimmune condition or some other systemic infection and yeah there's a lot of infectious causes for you V. itis tuberculosis syphilis shingles limes disease toxoplasmosis toxic rice's cat scratch disease just to name a few classes thankfully the most common type of UV I this is an interior you via.

Why do I see black spots

on that, if you want to learn more about that and I can look that up here in the cart above as well as in the U. to the description below number 4 is a vitreous hemorrhage in the vitreous A hemorrhage is a condition where you have actually blood pooling inside of the jail in the side of the ice and this can be caused by a couple of different reasons it's oftentimes due to kind of vitreous traction all forces were the gel peels away from the back of the eye and it actually tears when your blood vessels and then the blood actually leaks into the jail and then you can actually, see the blood flowing black and forth in front of the right inside the eye and that's why you see the spots another common cause of diabetic retinopathy, unfortunately, people who are diabetic and are uncontrolled or does have a poor history of control of their blood sugars the blood vessels in the eye become weak and damage they can crack open and bleed or they can actually develop new blood vessels inside the I in these blood vessels are very fragile and they believe inside the eye and yeah the blood flowing in the gallstones

Fixed black spots in vision

causes problems now you may think that because blood is red that you'd start seeing red in your vision but in these cases you don't I've only had one person actually come into the clinic saying that they were seeing red in their vision and they're worried they're bleeding inside there I and it was actually true my name is more of a coincidence otherwise because the way light entering your eye is really this hitting the actual blood that would be floating inside the vitreous it casts more of a dark shadow or causing black dark spots in your vision and not read thankfully a lot of the time the blood inside the eye does either resolve on its own or there are procedures when we can remove it number 3 on the list could be migraine with aura or sometimes called an aura migraine or even an ocular migraine and he's never experienced this it's basically where you have some type of a headache or a migraine in the back of the head or it's not where the actual written itself has kind of has this migraine attack indeed actually causes these floating spots in you. Vision and oftentimes you'll see Mrs flickering strobe lights that kind of grow over about 30 minutes and then they slowly recede in oftentimes followed by a very  painful headache and then a lot about this because lung cancer 

I personally get them I do have another that goes more into detail about these types of migraines we'd like to see that many all hooked up here in the region couple Bob and oftentimes these visual experiences are a lot more frightening for people mainly because they kind of come on all of a sudden and the typically are associated with some other neurological symptom right you're having some sort of a headache some people have slurred speech or they have numb tingling in the fingers in a lot of people think that they're having a stroke or something like that certainly for having those symptoms if you've never had one before and probably is the best idea for you to see your eye doctor just to make sure it's not something more serious number 2 on the list the real life floaters and I have a lot of other videos on this but the gel inside the I naturally does 2 great as we get older so this gel inside the eyes is called the vitreous humor and 8 when you're born it's basically a full gel kind of like and then as you get older it kind of turns and more into a liquid on the little pieces collagen that is leftover standard kind of drifted back and forth in your vision so sometimes you make kind of drift drive from one side to the other in the kind look like cobwebs spider webs a little spot Acid reflux

Why do I see black spots

Sudden black spots in vision

kind of floating around they usually these little spots are 2 concerning or worrisome except when you're getting older and these gel actually begins to take another shape and that's called a post your vitreous detachment or A. P. V. D. and that's where the gel actually fully separates from the back of the ice and because this gel when it pulls away from the back of the eye, it actually can talk a little bit on the retina and that can cause holes tears in even a retinal detachment and can even cause other problems such as vitriol macular traction leading to macular holes and even maybe contributing to the development of unhappy retinal membrane and again this development of floaters and poster vitreous detachment. And P. V. D.'s those are all kind of part of our natural visual development as we get older so they are very common I do have a longer discussion about tenet different treatments for visual floaters, we'd like to check that out but yes of course seeing these little floating spots in your vision are actually called floaters yes you can have a poster richest attachment and that can cause actual damage to the eyes so often times if you're experiencing new little floating spots in your vision it is best at least consult with your doctor T. valley have them evaluate and make sure glaucoma

it is just floaters and if there's any sort of problems due to those lawyers, they can address it right away and I know I kind of just mention it but possibly the number one thing that I want you to know could be causing vision loss or these new spots in your vision could be from something called a retinal detachment is basically with the neuro sensory tissue in the back of the eye that we call the retina actually peels away and separates from the back of the yacht and this can happen for a couple of different reasons but it's certainly one of the more common causes is from that development of floaters or that posterior vitreous detachment because again that gel can actually peel away from the back of the eye because that the gel is firmly attached to the retina you can actually peel right along with usually the signs and symptoms of having a retinal detachment include more of a bright flash of light off to the side and that's because the job peels away from the back of the eye and just due to mechanical forces as it's peeling your brain really doesn't understand what that looks like so your brain just kind of makes it up and makes you think that you're seeing a flash of light Furthermore, you often see an increased amount of floaters so that's another reason why Kidney stone

you'd want to go in to see your doctor because you're having an increased amount of these black spots floating around in addition you may also see kind of this dark spot in your vision that's kind of coming down from the ceiling kinda like someone's lowering the curtain down on you or maybe this dark spot is rising up from the floor usually often to the corner of your eye yeah if that's sitting there all the time then that could be more concerned that you could be having some type. Type of retinal detachment and we do have some types of surgeries to kind of repair the right now whether it's with a laser to tack down kind of the retina that's tearing or the whole that's forming otherwise we have something like a school or buckle or other procedures well we can attempt to get that written at a reattached to the back of the ice but of course those treatments usually have a better result the sooner you get treated and seen so if you're having the signs and symptoms don't wait don't put it off get into your clinic and gets you to get seen by your doctor as soon as you can so I'll question of the day are there any other causes for eye floaters or seeing spots in your vision. read more 

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