How to reduce cholesterol in 30 days

How to reduce cholesterol in 30 days

How to reduce cholesterol in 30 days Lower your cholesterol without having to reach for medications or even if you're on medications they need to find ways to help this to find out simple natural ways to get those numbers down. How to reduce cholesterol in 30 days Hi Eric Richards and a board-certified family practice the physician I'd like to that focuses on giving practical and accurate medical information to help you in your family if you think this would be something helpful then make sure you subscribe at that location button and follow along with us so today we're gonna be going over some simple things you can do to start lowering your cholesterol right now but before we do that though let's review why 

you shouldn't care about your cholesterol is the cholesterol that is made up in your liver and has a lot of important functions throughout the body but like anything too much of a good thing and too much in the wrong place can cause some problems. Plus also like the fact that it doesn't dissolve in water but because of that it needs to be transported throughout the body and molecules called liberal proteins carry cholesterol among other things around the plus of the different kinds of like protein that travels around the blood one of them we call the that's a low-density lipoprotein it brings cholesterol to the different parts of the body is responsible for the cholesterol

deposits to contribute to heart disease this is what we refer to as bad cholesterol in contrast we have what we call or high-density lipoprotein are responsible for taking cholesterol away from the different parts of the body and we often refer to these as good cholesterol has a protective effect on the heart so our goal in treating cholesterol is finding ways to decrease the bad cholesterol and increase HDL or the good cholesterol so let's talk about some ways that you can do that. How to reduce cholesterol in 30 days

Foods that lower cholesterol fast

The first thing I would recommend this focus on is what we call monounsaturated fats we've all heard about how you need to avoid saturated fats and that is true but help lower LDL improve your HDL start adding monounsaturated fats to your diet. These are gonna be found among other things like all of us all of oil canola oil tree nuts such as almonds walnuts pecans and cashews this kind of fast too great and do creasing or bad increasing your good as well as working on preventing something called oxidation the cholesterol that contributes to its clogging arteries. The second

How to reduce cholesterol in 30 days

I'm gonna recommend is adding a different kind of fat to your diet these are called polyunsaturated fats is a principal your omega 3 fatty acids he finally something such as your more oily fish like salmon mackerel herring deep-sea tuna-like bluefin and albacore someone's shellfish like shrimp you can also find them in tree nuts and seeds like flaxseed diets higher in these foods and found to help decrease your LDL cholesterol as well as have been found to decrease your risk of heart disease as well as type 2 diabetes. So those are 2 things you should add to your diet the next is something to eliminate that you're trans fatty acids these are fat that is processed by 

adding hydrogen to it it's done to keep them a little bit more stable so you'll find these things in commercially available margarine and butter spread pastries and cookies. More transparency is that they increase your total cholesterol including LDL in decrease your good cholesterol or HDL by 5 to 20 percent and in more countries, food companies are required to list how much trans fats are in the nutrition labels but it's important that you read them. Labels can be trickily dealt with in the United States companies can label their product as 0 grams of trans fat per serving if they contain less than 0.5 grams per serving. 

How to reduce cholesterol fast

That doesn't mean they don't have any self since most of us eat more than a serving you can still get a lot of trans fats in your diet read the nutritional labels in the campaigns things listed as hydrogenated oils or partially hydrogenated oils and they contain trans fats and you need to stay away from them. The next thing is something good that you'd be adding to your diet this is soluble fiber this is the type of fire that comes from plants and can be dissolved in water but as humans, we don't pay chest the benefit from soluble fiber comes from the effect it has on the bacteria in your gut the digestion of fiber by the bacteria help lower your bad cholesterol great 

sources of soluble fiber include beans peas lentils fruit whole grain oats you can also find in fiber supplements like Metamucil now the fifth thing you need to do is actually science exercises when shown to both decrease harmful but also increases your good HDL larger studies have shown the 30 minutes of activity 5 days a week can improve your cholesterol and decrease your risk of heart disease one study showed that setting your goal of getting your heart rate 85 percent of its maximum can increase your good cholesterol so exercise overall is good that has you increase your intensity and length of exercise an added benefit is found number 6 is an obvious one and if you're doing it it's the most important thing you can do a stop smoking smoking is the worst

How to reduce cholesterol in 30 days

the thing you can do for your heart has a significant impact on how your body handles cholesterol in smokers immune cells are unable to return cholesterol from vessel walls to the blood work should be in contributes a plaque formation that leads to clogging arteries and also a large study show that can decrease your HDL increase your total cholesterol so do your body a favor and quit now a number 7 is focusing on losing weight all the things that we've been talking about today can help with this but studies have shown that just by losing weight can have a positive impact on your cholesterol several studies have shown that matter the weight loss plan helps increase the good HDL and decrease the bad LDL so figured good healthy eating plan and stick with it. 

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The next is related to the saturated fats we discussed earlier the closer you can get to a vegetarian diet the better you'll do with helping your cholesterol but for many of us were not quite want to go that direction yeah so it means that a leaner every talk about fish with chicken and Turkey are good options to reach for. Now if you're gonna go for red meat so if possible trying to get grass-fed beef importer race in feedlots with lots of corn tend to have higher concentrations the harmful fats so go for lean cuts of hamburger and cut off the extra fat before cooking all these things are gonna help cut down the amount of saturated fats in your diet a number 9 is considering adding plant sterols and Stan are plant-based versions of cholesterol but they don't contribute to elevating your cholesterol they compete with the bat forms

How to reduce cholesterol in 30 days

cholesterol prevent them from being absorbed as much they've also been shown to decrease your LDL however the only problem with that is we haven't quite seen it translate into decreasing the actual risk of heart disease so hopefully, we'll get some better studies in the future looking into this the last thing you can do is look at different supplements there are several things out there most of them work on an increasing amount of omega 3 fatty acids in our diet things like fish oil and flaxseed oil are helpful in increasing rates the. and all the evidence still isn't quite clear it's felt to help reduce the risk of heart disease red yeast rice is another one that could help lower your cholesterol has properties that are somewhat similar to this that medications and can play a role in proving your cholesterol so keeping an eye on your cholesterol is an important part of helping manage your risk of heart disease there are medications that we 

very effective in some an important part of your treatment plan however there is much that you can do to control this without having to rely on medications for most people focusing on changing our lifestyle exercising a regular basis avoiding smoking transaction saturated fats and increasing the number of unsaturated fats-soluble fiber complaints sterile since Daniels can be a great start living a healthier life and preventing a heart attack read more 

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