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Broccoli nutrition facts 100g

nutritional value of broccoli

a cruciferous vegetable that belongs to the Brassica genus of vegetation. It's a type of flower and has a thick, primary stalk with grayish-inexperienced leaves and inexperienced florets. It is versatile and clean to find in most grocery stores. Broccoli is considered to be one of the maximum nutritious vegetables and, whilst cooked nicely, it can in reality be a delicious addition to any meal plan. Broccoli Nutrition Facts The following nutrition facts are furnished using the USDA for one cup (91g) of uncooked, chopped broccoli.

  • Calories: 31
  • Fat: zero.3g
  • Sodium: 30mg
  • Carbohydrates: 6g
  • Fiber: 2.4g
  • Sugars: 1.5g
  • Protein: 2.5g
  • Carbs

One cup of uncooked, chopped broccoli contains the simplest 31 calories, 6 grams of carbohydrates, and very little sugar (1.5 grams). More than a third of the carbohydrates discovered in broccoli come from fiber (2.4 grams), making it a filling, heart-healthy food desire. The glycemic index for broccoli is 10. The glycemic index is an estimate of how a meal affects your blood sugar degrees. Broccoli is a low GI meal, which means that that it has a minimum impact on blood sugar levels.


Broccoli has only a hint quantity of fats and is cholesterol-free. It does, however, comprise a small quantity of omega-three fatty acids, inside the form of alpha-linolenic acid. Consuming two cups of broccoli gives you nearly 0.5 grams of this anti-inflammatory fatty acid.


For a vegetable, broccoli has a considerable quantity of protein, Five grams consistent with one cup serving. But you continue to should consist of other protein assets on your food regimen to meet your day-by-day wishes.

Vitamins and Minerals

Broccoli is bursting with nutrients and minerals. It's an outstanding supply of immune-boosting vitamin C, offering over 81mg, or approximately 135% of your daily wishes. It is likewise a brilliant supply of diet K, important in bone fitness and wound healing. You'll eat 116% of your day-by-day encouraging consumption in a one-cup serving of broccoli. It's also a superb source of the B diet folate, and an awesome source of vitamin A, manganese, potassium, and different B vitamins. 

nutritional value of broccoli

Steamed broccoli nutrition facts

Weight Loss

At simplest 31 calories a cup, broccoli is a famous addition to the plates of those looking to lose weight. It's excessive in fiber, with one cup presenting about nine% of the endorsed day-by-day fee. Fiber, the indigestible part of carbohydrates, can assist to reduce cholesterol, sell bowel health, modify blood sugars, and aid in weight loss. Eating ingredients that are excessive in fiber lets you experience full longer after ingesting. 

Studies have proven that eating a fiber-wealthy weight loss plan is associated with a decreased chance of kind 2 diabetes. According to one study of ninety-nine,826 women, those with the best fiber intake had the bottom threat of diabetes. Study authors characteristic this health gain to the reality that meals with fiber take more time to consume and offer more satiety. Four Other studies have shown that broccoli sprouts may additionally enhance insulin resistance in sufferers with kind 2 diabetes.5

Better Heart Health

Numerous research has related a higher consumption of cruciferous veggies to higher heart fitness, such as a discounted danger for cardiovascular disease, ischemic heart, cerebrovascular sickness, and stroke. In this research, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and cauliflower have been the most common greens grouped as cruciferous vegetables.6 This can be one among many motives that the American Heart Association consists of broccoli as their wholesome eating sample that emphasizes greens, fruits, and complete grains. 

nutritional value of broccoli

Reduced Risk of Cancer

Some studies endorse that eating higher quantities of cruciferous greens like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and kale can reduce the danger of certain forms of cancer, which include prostate, lung, and breast most cancers. Eight, In addition, diets that are better in fiber are related to a reduced chance of colon cancer. Four

Cell Protection

Broccoli is likewise one of the foods with high tiers of antioxidant phytonutrients in line with calorie foundation. Antioxidants help to fight off loose radicals that purpose cell damage that could bring about inflammation and sickness. 


Broccoli food allergies are very rare, but isolated cases have been said.11 There were reports of the food-pollen syndrome if you have hay fever due to mugwort pollen. Broccoli, cabbage, and associated greens have proteins just like the ones in mugwort pollen and might purpose a reaction while you eat them. You may additionally feel a tingling in your lips and tongue. In extremely uncommon instances, this will develop into a swollen throat or anaphylaxis.

Adverse Effects

Broccoli is high in diet K and consuming large quantities or making surprising changes in the quantity eaten can interfere with the effectiveness and safety of Coumadin (warfarin) and decrease its blood-thinning impact. While on Coumadin (warfarin), Vitamin K intake needs to be constant. Discuss with a registered dietitian nutritionist or your healthcare issuer for greater facts.


There are many sorts of broccoli even though your neighborhood grocery saves is not probably to hold them all. Most markets stock Calabrese broccoli, future broccoli, and bolster broccoli. These are the kinds of broccoli with thick stalks and vibrant inexperienced florets. Broccoli raab also can be located in lots of markets, although it looks the least like broccoli. This range is vivid green and leafy and is technically a member of the turnip family. You are least likely to discover sorts like Romanesco broccoli, which has pointy florets and a greenish-yellowish color.

When It’s Best

Fresh broccoli is available year-round, even though it is in season from October thru April. If there is no clean broccoli at your market, most supermarkets promote frozen broccoli that may be simply as nutritious as sparkling broccoli. To pick the best broccoli, look for tight, deep green florets and a company stalk. Avoid broccoli with a gentle or bendable stalk or yellowish-florets.

nutritional value of broccoli

Storage and Food Safety

To keep broccoli, location it inside the refrigerator for up to two-three days. Remove from the produce bag to permit airflow. Keep the vegetable dry till you are geared up to cook with it. You can freeze broccoli, however, most cooks blanch or steam it first. Only cook dinner for 2–3 mins then plunge into cold water to stop the cooking technique. Store in air-tight luggage in the freezer for up to 12 months. People frequently wonder if they can eat all of the vegetables, consisting of the thick stalk. Broccoli heads, or the florets on the top, and the attached stem are safe to eat parts of the plant. 

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Just be sure to reduce off the bottom one to two inches, which may be tough and woody. Some human beings get involved approximately the scent of broccoli and surprise if the odor indicates that the broccoli has gone awful. However, that is not the case. Broccoli includes a set of materials known as glucosinolates, which are sulfur-containing chemical substances. These materials supply broccoli with its pungent odor. Placing a piece of bread into the lowest of the pot whilst cooking is said to help absorb odors.

nutritional value of broccoli

How to Prepare

Broccoli can be eaten raw, as or slaw, or maybe prepared with the use of loads of cooking techniques. Steam, sauté or roast it to compliment your predominant meal or use the stems to make soup. Avoid overcooking, as it will no longer best make it less visually attractive but will lessen the availability of nutrients and minerals. You can maintain a stunning inexperienced hue with the aid of blanching your broccoli first this may no longer best enhance the coloration of broccoli but will help to soften the stems. 

Blanching broccoli also can assist to lessen the bitterness. Blanching is a cooking technique wherein meals are in brief immersed in salted boiling water (about 30 seconds) after which unexpectedly cooled in ice water. You can consume broccoli round the clock: Get a veggie dose in the morning by adding broccoli to egg dishes or use it as a base or side dish for an extremely low-carb dinner. read more 

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