Benefits of pumpkin seed oil for skin

Where does pumpkin seed oil come from?

Benefits of pumpkin seed oil for skin

benefits of pumpkin seed oil for skin 

Pumpkin plants are predominately cultivated in North America, Australia, Europe, and India. And due to the celebration of Halloween, they're increasingly being grown in Europe. When you're buying your pumpkin for Halloween this year, 

take a look at the origin sticker and see where it's come from. Even better, see if there's one you can buy locally from a farmers' market or organic food delivery company.

Pumpkin seed oil is cold-pressed from the seeds. Cold-pressing preserves the ingredient quality, potency, and purity in a way that heat-treating cannot. It helps the oil absorb more easily into our skin too. We only use cold-pressed oils in our natural, cruelty-free skincare collection.

Pumpkin seed oil is so nourishing for the skin because it's also high in omegas 3, 6, and 9. All three of these essential fatty acids are vital for healthy skin. 

The omega fatty acids in Pumpkin Seed Oil work together to form the key building blocks for our skin which mean a smooth and healthy complexion.

For all of its incredible skin-enhancing benefits, we use Pumpkin Seed Oil in our cult favorite, Organic Facial Oil. Apply this vegan face oil every morning and night to clean, slightly damp skin instead of a moisturizer. 

With all the beautiful certified-organic, plant-based oils feeding your skin with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, you'll soon notice how nourished, boosted, and radiant your skin looks and feels.

Benefits of pumpkin seed oil for skin


The versatility and ease of use of Pumpkin seed oil make it possible to be incorporated within a wide range of skincare, hair care, body care, hand care, sun care, and lip care formulations. This oil contains high amounts of zinc, the benefits of pumpkin seed oil for skin

selenium, and vitamin E help with skin renewal and improves skin tone. With minimal clogging of pores, the oil readily absorbs into the skin, 

leaving it hydrated and renewed. The vitamin C in the oil helps the production of collagen that retains skin elasticity while also plumping and building firmness of the skin. Suitable for most skin types, the unsaturated fatty acids

(such as palmitic, oleic, and linoleic acids) in the oil contain antioxidant properties correct skin inflammation and promote healing and new skin-cell growth. 

The soothing and smoothening effects of the oil even out age-related blemishes and wrinkles. The antioxidants of vitamin A present in the oil protects the skin from sun damage. The vitamin B2 in the oil is great for dryness and acne, also bringing about an improved skin tone and radiance of the skin.

Vitamin C

The very useful vitamin C can improve your skin in a variety of ways, including reducing redness, combatting hyperpigmentation, reducing under-eye wrinkles, healing damaged skin cells, 

improving hydration, and more. Even taking vitamin C as a supplement can improve the texture of your skin, protect you from the sun, and help heal wounds, among other things.

Benefits of pumpkin seed oil for skin


Another acne-fighting superhero, zinc is great for inflammatory acne and scarring. While you might think about oral zinc as something that boosts your immune system, topical and oral zinc can both work to clear acne by removing the bacteria that cause it from the skin.


If acne is a problem, magnesium is an essential nutrient to stabilize your hormones. This mineral lowers cortisol levels and improves your cellular processes, all things that add up to helping your skin look better.


Your first thought about potassium is probably related to bananas, but you can find this mineral in pumpkin seed oil as well. While it isn’t absorbed through the skin cells, potassium can add moisture to your skin and face.

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For more details on the nutritional and mineral composition of Styrian pumpkin seed oil, you can visit this journal article by Gilbert O. Fruhwirth and Albin Hermetter of the Institute of Biochemistry, Graz University of Technology,

Minimizes Aging Signs

The saturated fatty acids and antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and E in pumpkin seed oil prevent free radical damage and minimize signs of aging. It contains minerals like magnesium, potassium, and zinc, 

which nourish the skin from within, minimizing the appearance of wrinkles, improving skin texture, elasticity, and integrity, and preventing conditions like dermatitis Additionally, it contains vitamins B2 and B3 which keeps the skin soft and improves its complexion. Benefits of pumpkin seed oil for skin

What Is the Origin of Pumpkin Seed Oil? Pumpkin Seed Oil derives from pumpkins, which date back as early as 1300 A.D. The earliest confirmed date of Pumpkin Seed Oil dates back to February 18, 1697. Although pumpkin seed oil was originally used for uses in food.

Benefits of pumpkin seed oil for skin

About Pumpkin Seed Oil

Pumpkin seed oil or PSO is extracted from the seeds of a wide variety of pumpkins through the cold-pressed method, super-critical fluid extraction method, or solvent extraction method. In countries like Austria, 

In Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, etc., the oil is taken out from the roasted seeds of a certain local species of pumpkin by following the traditional method.

Typically, the pumpkin seed oil is very thick in consistency and turbid in nature. Hence, it needs additional filtration before use to reduce its turbidity. 

The oil also has a rare property of dichromatism due to which it shows two prominently different colors in a single sample. It looks dark bright green in a thin layer while a thick layer of the oil seems deep clear red. In general, 

the pumpkin seed oil is blackish-green in color, which is a mix of both the aforementioned colors. Being rich in healthy nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, etc., this oil offers tons of benefits for our health, skin, and even hair. Benefits of pumpkin seed oil for skin

Nourishes Deeply

It’s a complete no-brainer that an oil loaded with so many vital nutrients can make our skin nourished and healthy. The vitamins like A, E, and K;

minerals like iron and zinc, and good fats like omega-3 fatty acid and omega-6 fatty acids, etc. present in pumpkin seed oil offer a host of skin benefits including deep nourishment. Therefore, it is considered a super-food for our skin.

Benefits of pumpkin seed oil for skin

Moisturizes Well

From sheer hydration to long-lasting moisturization, pumpkin seed oil can give all to your skin. As said previously, it is rich in essential polyunsaturated fatty acids, 

which go deep into the skin and help retain its natural moisture. They are also quite helpful in perfectly regulating our skin oil. Result? No more dry or oily skin. Just an ideal skin with perfect oil balance. That’s it!

Regenerates Cells

There are very few natural ingredients that can promote our cell turnover as efficiently as pumpkin seed oil does. Evidence shows that the oil contains natural alpha hydroxyl acids, which give us a radiant and youthful look by facilitating exfoliation and encouraging cell regeneration. 

Other nutrients like polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, and zinc also make it an excellent solution for premature aging, dehydrated skin, and cell renewal.

Benefits of pumpkin seed oil for skin

Reduces Inflammation

According to experts, pumpkin seed oil holds amazing anti-inflammatory properties. Hence, you can get rid of all your skin-related issues like redness, itching, irritation, 

inflammation, etc. by embracing this simple natural oil. The vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants present in it not only calm and soothe sensitive skin, but also treat eczema and rashes successfully.

Improves Skin Tone

Do you want enviable skin? Pumpkin oil can be the perfect answer. Being loaded with vitamin A, vitamin E, and zinc, it excellently impacts our skin tone. Regular application of the oil can enhance your actual skin tone visibly. Benefits of pumpkin seed oil for skin

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